The Evolution of Indian Matrimony System

While the post is titled as “The Evolution of Indian Matrimony System”, it is better titled as “The Sorry State of Indian Matrimony”.

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On a daily basis, thanks to my work, i come across an endless stream of matrimony requests from a lot of people. Many times i wonder why people are finding it so difficult to find a suitable guy/girl for their children. I mean, it should not be too hard to find someone when India is home to a billion+ people. Then it struck me that the problem is not the availability of brides or bridegrooms, the problem lies in the fact that people’s expectations, over the years, has changed. From what it used to be 25 years ago, it is now a crazy world of (sometimes) bizarre expectations. So here is a litle comparion from what is used to be and what it is now.

What it used to be in 90’s:

In the 90’s the primary requirement for a guy (aka bridegroom) was he should have a good job and must be from a good family. For the girls (aka bride) she should be a good homemaker, must come from a good family and must be fairly good looking.

It was as simple as that.

What it is now in the 2000’s:

Fast forward 25 years and this is where it gets crazy. While the listed below are not mentioned in all cases, it is generally agreed that 90% of is talked (and stressed) upon.

A guy should have a good job, good education (preferably from an overseas university), must earn good money (aka lots or financially secure), should own a house or a car or both, must be good looking (for visual reference look at the hottest hero at the moment), must be willing to live separately with the future wife (aka leave all your family behind), should spend quality time with the future wife (in simple terms, no social life without the wife or in other words maintain a fine balance between work and personal life), should not be a smoker, should not be a drinker (though occasional social drink without the knowledge of family is ok), must appreciate the values of the girl, must come from a decent, respectable family, well mannered, respectable, decent and most of all should be in the age group of 24 to 30.

On the other hand, A girl must be slim, good looking (refer to the hottest heroine at the moment), must be working (though not insisted at times), must also be well educated, come from a good family, smart and independent (read should not be nagging), should know to take care of the house (read cooking and other domestic work), family oriented, caring, friendly, should be in the age group of 23 to 28, must be willing to relocate (aka ditch your family, friends and all),

If i have missed anything, do post your comments and let me know.