My name is Praveen and this is my Personal Blog where I talk about all things of interest to me. Mostly you will find blog posts on topics that is of interest to me or passionate about with occasional posts about my web sites.

In short I am a poet-foodie-entrepreneur-techie with a little bit more thrown in here and there.

My time is spent on things mostly related to SEO/Web Design ( CSS and XHTML based designs) where my work/interest lies and writing poems + catching up with some good food.

I write poems regularly, most of which can be seen on Poetry of Life.

And my short stories can be seen here –  My Short Stories

I make it a point to read at least one book every month and these are mostly related to paranormal, non-fiction, ancient mysteries, psychology or something recommended by others.

With Music, its mostly Rock, Alternate, House, Techno, Trance, Hip-Hop, Dance and little bit of Pop.

I can be seen in many (I do mean MANY) Webmaster Forums and I was a Super Moderator for Webmaster Talk forums and Geek Village forums.

And a firm believer that Humans are refugees from another planet and we do not belong here at all.


  1. you seem to be a really cool guy, i know you from many webmaster forums.
    All your sites are really nice.
    Good luck

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