10 Stages of a Cylone

Here are the various stages of development of system. Please dont see the TV flash news and assume that all are cyclones or Depressions.

cyclonic depression

It has to evolve the following stages.

Stage 1 – Trough / Trough of low (Katturaalutha thalvu nilai)
Stage 1 – Upper Air Circulation (Meladduku katturu sulalchi or Uyarmatta katturu sulalch)

From the above, Low pressure area forms.

Stage 2 – Low Pressure Area (Kuraintha Katturaalutha paguthi)
Stage 3 – Well marked Low Pressure Area (Valuvattara Kuraintha Katturaalutha paguthi)
Stage 4 – Depression (Katturaalutha Thalavu mandalam or Puyal Chinnam)
Stage 5 – Deep Depression (Alantha Katturaalutha Thalavu mandalam or Theveramana Puyal Chinnam)

Now if Deep Depression intensifies further, Cyclone will form and Name will be given by IMD. Remember cyclones are named. So if someone tells you cyclone ask the name

Stage 6 – Cyclonic Storm (Puyal)
Stage 7 – Severe Cyclonic Storm (Kadum Puyal)
Stage 8 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (Meega Kadum Puyal)
Stage 9 – Extremely Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (Adi Meega Kadum Puyal)
Stage 10 – Super Cyclonic Storm

information courtesy: tamilnaduweatherman