The funny little thing called Commonsense

Reaction to a blog post in SEOmoz written by 2k

I am an Avid reader of SEOmoz blog for a long time and i am sure everyone else is.

I just opened by feedreader and was going through this post titled “The funny little thing called TRUST

Until i read the last para i found the post nicely written and an impressive one. But what ticked me off was this paragraph

PS. Wondering how I received the idea for this entry? A customer of mine said recently  “You know, I preferred your business since I didn’t trust those Indian guys that sent me proposals.”  Never bite the hand that feeds you, but just guess how many times have I heard “I just wish your business was from United States…”

i have bolded the line which is at the center of my blog post.


maybe you had issues with some indian guys, but isnt it stupid to place a negative trust factor on all of them???

How many times the Rest of the World has said ” I dont trust those (insert your country of choice) Guys. They  are arrogant and stupid and think they own the planet?”

want to know what is being talked in this part of the world?

“You know, i prefer your business since I dont Trust those (insert your country of choice) guys, they  are lazy, arrogant and dumb. ” Just guess how many times have i heard “I just wish those (insert your country of choice) learnt to be humble”

If you guys buckled up and did the job, why the F it needs to be outsourced here?

maybe you should change the blog title to

“the funny little thing called stupidity”

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  1. randfish

    Praveen – 2K operates out of rural Finland. He’s not an American. He was using that statement from a client of his to show how the same trust issue has been applied to himself and his business.

  2. Praveen


    i am going to copy/paste what i have said in SEOmoz here


    Whether 2k is an American or a Fin is not an issue at all.

    When you say something against a country/community in a place like SEOmoz, it is not taken as a personal remark.

    i dont have to say how much SEOmoz is looked upon by many. When they see this, they will not see whether 2k is a Fin or British or Spanish, they would see this as a remark by SEOmoz.

    ps: i used the terms Americans as an Instructive example only.

  3. Jim Westergren

    I’m with you on this Praveen. It was stupid.

    Frankly, I trust Indians more than Americans. And I have worked with about 30 different companies. I’d rather give a job to an Indian then an American based on my experience.

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