Nothing at all…

I have been thinking for the better part of the last 24-48 hours on what to write about. As much as i tried to think, i somehow ended up with nothing to write. The spark was missing and all my thoughts revolved only on very few things. Unfortunately, i cannot write about those few things over here.

I tried to write about things that happens on a daily life, but i guess that would be very boring. Then i thought i’ll write about things that i come across everyday – be it on tv, newspapers or in conversations with other people. Ok, i attempted to write about my recent fav movies. But then lots of ppl had done that, so why write about the same thing again. Finally, i tried to think about something to write on…

But nothing came up, so i decided to write about this “nothing” Open-mouthed.

Its far easier to write a poem than make a meaningful blog post Crying.

ps: if you have any ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments. Maybe they will help me in writing the next blog post Tongue out

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