Spot a Bad Directory the easy way!

This probably has been discussed many times in various discussion forums and each time the “answer” seems to vary depending on the forum it is posted in or by the replies it gets.

Being a owner of some directories, i get to “meet” many directories almost on a regular basis – whether through forums or via submissions to my directories. And i dont approve all directories and as a matter of fact, all submissions as well. I spend time reviewing each and every website based on certain guidelines which i have.

Here are some of the guidelines i follow for web directories.

This is not the complete list, Just the basic stuff which should help you.

  • Whether the Template is a Free Template or a custom made – If the owner is not serious enough about his directory, then it will mostly be a free template. Not that i have an issue with it, but when someone creates something, he/she would like it to be unique. Its the same principle with the directory as well.
  • Good design and easy submission process. – Unique Template = Good design(typically).
  • Number and placement of Ads – Adsense/Banners. – Having a banner Ad in the header, Ads in the sidebar (sponsor text links) is a clear sign that the site’s only purpose is $$$.
  • Number of Footer Links – Same as above.
  • URL Relevance – less said is better for this.
  • Whether the directory owner has submitted to my directories to the proper category.

Finally, the best and my most loved one is – When the owner says, that he has “Big Plans for this Directory” in his introductory forum thread 😉

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