Simple English Please

Over the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of interacting with a lot of people from almost all walks of life – from the CEO’s to the average guy you see everyday. In all these occasions, one thing that baffled me was how people go to lengths to use complicated phrases for things that could be explained in plain, simple English.

Not that it is bad to use such words, but why make things hard for the people involved. If your daily routine involves using complicated terms, then I guess its not bad. But when it is not, why go the extra mile when you can accomplish the same task much easier and simpler?

At the same time, I wonder if the people (including myself) listening to such conversations understand what exactly is being conveyed! I don’t understand much of these jargons and corporate savvy terms that I come across everyday. So, I make it a point to interrupt and ask them the meaning for the same, even they think something else about me.

The main purpose of communication is to ensure that everyone understands it properly and to do that one must be express it clearly and plainly. No matter how great one talks, if others are not able to understand what you are trying to tell them, then it just doesn’t serve the purpose at all.

So, talk in Simple, Plain English Please :)

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  1. swarna

    i usually say there are two types of writers.. one who wants to prove their talent by showin off how much complicated they can write.. n there are writers who write as simple as a layman can relate to… i feel tht the latter is a better writer …

    one can prove their skill only by makin more ppl understand the message than makin it more complicated!

  2. Praveen

    you wouldnt believe, i was talking with mr x couple of days ago when he started saying a new “term” which i didnt come across before.

    he mentioned it for sometime and finally when i asked him for the meaning, i was like wanting to give him a tight slap right there.

    if he mentioned it with the regular simple word, it would have been much easier to follow what he saying.

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