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Sadly the person who tagged me does not have a blog that I can link to 😉

randomness #1
This has to be on the top of the list. I hate formal clothes. For some reason, I feel very awkward in it, that like a girl I would constantly check myself to make sure its all ok Big Grin

randomness #2
I do not get angry that easily. Only when something goes real wrong or someone pisses me off very much, that I show my anger. But I just shout at them or walk away from the spot and vent out the rage on my mobile phone or anything that’s close by Angry.

randomness #3
one of my favorite things to do is spend time in a coffee shop or sit in the beach watching the waves/sunset – either alone or with a friend. But off late I have been spending far more time alone Waiting. Either people don’t want to come out or I have only a few friends Winking who have been bugged and annoyed a lot by me Tongue.

randomness #4
I am a very simple person with simple thoughts and a no nonsense approach to life Blushing.


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