Mobile number portability in India

With Mobile number portability to start today, here’s how you can shift from your current service provider to a new one.

Send an SMS from your phone to 1900. Your present company will reply with a unique porting code. Use that code while filling out a detailed form for the company you want to shift to. Within 48 hours, that company will take over all your cell services. The fee charge may cost you about Rs 19.

Your cell number will be switched off for only one hour. All bills after that are paid to your new company. You’ll be stuck with them for at least 50 days before you can shift again, so choose with care. While you can shift from a GSM service to CDMA or vice versa, you cannot shift from one state to another.

Update:- More on Mobile Number Portability here

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  1. sunil

    i have reliance cdma sim card and now i want to change this into reliance GSM service.

    can i change this and what is procedure.


  2. Jasjit

    Clarifications to above queries:

    1. Only no. can be changed from GSM to CDMA and vice-versa. Set should be compatible with the technology.
    2. MTNL yet to get ready for MNP.

  3. biswajit das

    i havebsnl post paid sim card & now i want to change this into Airtel prepaid service
    can i change this & what is procedure


  4. b das

    i have a bsnl postpaid sim card & now want to change this into Airtel pre paid service
    can i change this & what is the procedure
    pl advice


  5. Rahul Gupta

    The UK has had MNP for ages now, however I have stuck with the same provider due to retention offers. These have decreased in the recession but to be honest all the operators here are equally uncompetitive how. It probably happens with a saturated market.

    When I go to India I always buy a prepaid SIM and have found them to be very reasonably priced, especially for calling the UK. If this new ruling makes the prices even lower then bring it on!

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