Indian Thatha Kamal and Anna Hazare

‘How many times would have Anna Hazare watched the movie Hindustani?’ is what one is left to wonder with the whole turn out of events. It looks like our National Indian tha tha Annaji has followed the footsteps of our own Indian tha tha ‘Senapathy’ – a role played compellingly by Actor Kamal Haasan in the Tamil original ‘Indian’.

For once the reel character has become the real character and for a relief has intentionally helped benefit the society at large. Whether Kamal haasan or Director Shankar intended for something like this to happen or not but the whole renovation of the anti-corruption ombudsman (Lok pal) bill that was 1st mentioned during early 60’s has taken form in exactly the way paved by actor kamal haasan in his thought awakening concept of doing away with those who have done away with values is quite a thought to dwell on.

Little would have Kamal haasan realised, that him uprooting the evils of the society who practice corruption would actually become the focal point in creating the Lokpal Bill. For Kamal Haasan, it should be a great moment now to be proud of to see his dream finally realise and materialise after 15 years. A Dream to see a corruption free India! A Dream that every Indian could till now only dream of.

Every great moment starts but with one man. It was by senapathy in 1996 and the reincarnation of senapathy Anna Hazare in 2011! What assures us is the fact is that every great idea of good intention can hold ground and bloom even if it is after 15 years. Kudos to Kamal haasan !!

Indian Thatha Kamal and Anna Hazare

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