Disaster, Mourning and Tired

Last couple of days has been really hectic and crazy. I just got stuck with a lot of crazy **** that by the end of the day, I was completely tired and exhausted.

I tried to sleep during the weekend, but one of my web site decided to go down because of a stupid upgrade issues. One whole day was spent on trying to fix it up only to see the custom design that I had done wouldn’t work after upgrade. I had to spend the whole of Saturday night fixing it up and making it proper.

On Sunday, a major disaster happened. The phone that I bought only 3 weeks ago was completely rendered useless due to a mix-up. Accidentally the phone went into a bucket full of water and only after 20-25 minute I realized the phone was not with me. By that time, it was too late. I could save only the SIM card and nothing else. According to the shop from where I bought it, they had ordered only one phone from the main dealer and I was the only one who bought it from them till yesterday. FYI, I had a Sony Ericsson W980 and it costed me almost 500 USD (Rs. 24,500).

Now, for the last two days I have been roaming around like a zombie wondering which phone I should buy next or whether to buy the same phone again. I do not like Nokia for reasons beyond reasoning. I have been using only Sony Ericsson for the last 4 years.

Because of this, I am completely zapped on what to write my poem on. I did have some ideas on Saturday, but after Sunday everything is blank right now :(



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  1. Praveen