Here are the rules and then on to the random fun!

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  • Write 4 random things about yourself.
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Sadly the person who tagged me does not have a blog that I can link to ;)

randomness #1
This has to be on the top of the list. I hate formal clothes. For some reason, I feel very awkward in it, that like a girl I would constantly check myself to make sure its all ok Big Grin

randomness #2
I do not get angry that easily. Only when something goes real wrong or someone pisses me off very much, that I show my anger. But I just shout at them or walk away from the spot and vent out the rage on my mobile phone or anything that’s close by Angry.

randomness #3
one of my favorite things to do is spend time in a coffee shop or sit in the beach watching the waves/sunset – either alone or with a friend. But off late I have been spending far more time alone Waiting. Either people don’t want to come out or I have only a few friends Winking who have been bugged and annoyed a lot by me Tongue.

randomness #4
I am a very simple person with simple thoughts and a no nonsense approach to life Blushing.


That’s it.

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Obscurity Speaks

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Quote of the day

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is stoned to death.

– Joan D. Vinge

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Stuck in a moment

Ever since I started to write again problems seem to be cropping up again and again. Each and every time I sit down to write something, the question of what to write arises invariably.

Poetry is fine as it’s an expression of emotions and thoughts weaved around a simple theme. I am not someone who writes a lot of stuff especially long blog posts. Poems are always short and crisp, but writing a blog post takes some time and a lot of thinking to arrive at a subject. By the time I end up thinking about a subject and what to write, various other thoughts come in or I end up using those thoughts towards a poem.

I definitely do not want to write on current affairs or stuff making news cos there are a zillion other blogs writing about it. In this new avatar, I am trying to write something original, something mineTongue out.

The problem is what I like and what I believe in are so random, that people would “label” me as a “weirdo” Silly. But then, this is my blog and I write what I want to write. Oh yeah, except for a few (certain) people (I wonder what is the plural for people???) in my life, I really do not bother with what others think, as end of the day, I am what I am and I am happy being that, even if I look like a weirdo HappyBig Grin. But yeah, do let me know what you think, cos that helps me to know what you think about me and maybe prove you wrong Devil.

ps: at the start of writing this, I had nothing to write about, yet still managed to write so much SurpriseRolling on the floor.  hmm… hmm…ThinkingThinkingThinking

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Art of expressing yourself the wrong way

Disclaimer: i am not responsible for anything that happens if you do follow the below points.Whistling

Most of my inspiration to write comes while driving back home or driving to somewhere else. Many of my poems are written while thinking about certain happenings while driving. And this particular post is also from the “school of thinking while driving”. Tongue out

Last few days, i have been struggling to express certain things to certain peopleDont tell anyone. Definitely not out of fear or being shy. For some reason, i am struggling to say it to themThinking. So, out of personal experience, here are some tips on how to express yourself the wrong way.Wink

  • Write down everything you want to say and post it somewhere, hoping the person would read it.
  • Once you are sure they have read it, keep hoping they would come back to you and ask you about it Waiting.
  • Write a poem telling everything you want to say to them and then worry that you are unable to say it.
  • Write about it, but confuse the reader by making it very ambiguous. ps: get in touch to know more about thisTongue out
  • Keep hoping the person also feels the same way as you do and then “expect” them to tell you first.
  • Do not relax. Start worrying about the negative aspects of the issue Nailbiting.
  • Try to be someone else. If you are the straightforward kind of person, forget about that and act as if you are one typical nutter Silly.
  • Imagine that the poems (or any other thing you have written) are clear enough to express what you feel (to that person, as if they are the only person reading it) and start writing romantic/love poems like mad .

That’s all i can think of right now. If you have more nice ideas, leave them as comments and i will add them to the list.

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Behind the scenes!

tagged by psychedelic. so, here is ME – behind the scenes footage!


I am: what i am.

I think: a lot. Mostly about my next poem, my websites, people around me, people in my life and Music :)

I know: nothing. Still a lot left to learn.

I want: peace of mind and life :)

I have: my hope and confidence.

I wish: things are not what they seem to be!

I hate: backbiters, arrogant ppl and those who think they know it all!

I miss: a person to whom i can open up without any inhibitions 

I fear: myself

I feel: lost, abnormal and happy!

I hear: dreams trying to break free

I smell: darkness

I crave: for attention

I search: for my life in darkness

I wonder: how long can I hold on before i am caught in the madness

I regret: nothing.  what i had to do, i did to the best of my capabilities.

I love: to observe, sleep and be loved :)

I ache: when someone needs help and throws away my assistance for no reason; after a fight wondering whether i really hurt the other person; when kids cry (i dont like them to cry);

I am not: what you think i am!

I dance: to the tunes of darkness! and in my dreams!

I sing: when I am alone.

I cry: when i am really down(thats very very very rare!) or when my heart feels for it!

I don’t always: like to show my emotions!

I write: what i feel and what my emotions tell me!

I win: cos i wanna be good in what i do; i have lost a lot thats its about time i start to win!

I lose: when i dont have any interest to continue or only when i am dead!

I never: lose hope and confidence!

I always: think about a lot of things

I confuse: others very well and to an extent myself :D

I listen: to a lot of music that I can relate to.

I can usually be found: on the phone, sms, online and in darkness!

I need: a person who loves me for what i am and is willing to share/make life worth living happily; to be felt as a special someone;

I am happy about: everything that i have and that i am!

I imagine: a nice, happy life ahead!

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