Bye bye

just under 18 hrs left for my flight ;)

i cant seem to stay away from accessing the emails and stuff.

a chapter ends today and a new chapter begins from tomorrow.

a chapter whose beginning goes back a long time but whose story and ending is unknown.

what is in store i dont know, but all i know at this moment i have made a sensible decision.

i dont have regrets of what i had done and i am looking forward to what i will be doing in the future.

dont wanna spend a lot of time here.. but sometime next week i will update the sites and possibly start some new ones as well :D


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  1. Jim Westergren

    Good luck Praveen!

    And I talk to you soon again, once you get online.

    I have spoken to Din about you and one of his staff. Looking forward to work with you.

    Have a good flight.

    / Jim

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