Behind the scenes!

tagged by psychedelic. so, here is ME – behind the scenes footage!


I am: what i am.

I think: a lot. Mostly about my next poem, my websites, people around me, people in my life and Music :)

I know: nothing. Still a lot left to learn.

I want: peace of mind and life :)

I have: my hope and confidence.

I wish: things are not what they seem to be!

I hate: backbiters, arrogant ppl and those who think they know it all!

I miss: a person to whom i can open up without any inhibitions 

I fear: myself

I feel: lost, abnormal and happy!

I hear: dreams trying to break free

I smell: darkness

I crave: for attention

I search: for my life in darkness

I wonder: how long can I hold on before i am caught in the madness

I regret: nothing.  what i had to do, i did to the best of my capabilities.

I love: to observe, sleep and be loved :)

I ache: when someone needs help and throws away my assistance for no reason; after a fight wondering whether i really hurt the other person; when kids cry (i dont like them to cry);

I am not: what you think i am!

I dance: to the tunes of darkness! and in my dreams!

I sing: when I am alone.

I cry: when i am really down(thats very very very rare!) or when my heart feels for it!

I don’t always: like to show my emotions!

I write: what i feel and what my emotions tell me!

I win: cos i wanna be good in what i do; i have lost a lot thats its about time i start to win!

I lose: when i dont have any interest to continue or only when i am dead!

I never: lose hope and confidence!

I always: think about a lot of things

I confuse: others very well and to an extent myself 😀

I listen: to a lot of music that I can relate to.

I can usually be found: on the phone, sms, online and in darkness!

I need: a person who loves me for what i am and is willing to share/make life worth living happily; to be felt as a special someone;

I am happy about: everything that i have and that i am!

I imagine: a nice, happy life ahead!

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