Art of expressing yourself the wrong way

Disclaimer: i am not responsible for anything that happens if you do follow the below points.Whistling

Most of my inspiration to write comes while driving back home or driving to somewhere else. Many of my poems are written while thinking about certain happenings while driving. And this particular post is also from the “school of thinking while driving”. Tongue out

Last few days, i have been struggling to express certain things to certain peopleDont tell anyone. Definitely not out of fear or being shy. For some reason, i am struggling to say it to themThinking. So, out of personal experience, here are some tips on how to express yourself the wrong way.Wink

  • Write down everything you want to say and post it somewhere, hoping the person would read it.
  • Once you are sure they have read it, keep hoping they would come back to you and ask you about it Waiting.
  • Write a poem telling everything you want to say to them and then worry that you are unable to say it.
  • Write about it, but confuse the reader by making it very ambiguous. ps: get in touch to know more about thisTongue out
  • Keep hoping the person also feels the same way as you do and then “expect” them to tell you first.
  • Do not relax. Start worrying about the negative aspects of the issue Nailbiting.
  • Try to be someone else. If you are the straightforward kind of person, forget about that and act as if you are one typical nutter Silly.
  • Imagine that the poems (or any other thing you have written) are clear enough to express what you feel (to that person, as if they are the only person reading it) and start writing romantic/love poems like mad .

That’s all i can think of right now. If you have more nice ideas, leave them as comments and i will add them to the list.

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