A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

2010 started out on a very good note for me personally. More like a dream come true.

One of my Interview has been published at Mequoda.com and can be read here – http://bit.ly/8ErPvs.

NDTV Chennai called me and asked me to participate in one of their television program.

Jan 24th, we are conducting a Naveena Swayamvaram (Matrimony Meet) in Bangalore, following the success of the previous one at Chennai.

Plus lots other good news from friends, family and others.

Infact it has not stopped,  today morning there was an another bit of good news.

It feels great to be inundated with so many positive happenings that i do not want it all to stop just this month itself. The year is just new and there are a lot more days left.

But then as they say, A good begnning makes a good ending. I hope the end years on a very positive note indeed.

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  1. Avinash